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We have teams representing the Squash Club in both the North East Wales and North West Counties Squash Leagues and all members, Ladies, Men and our Juniors, are encouraged to compete for places.


If you are new to the Wrexham area and looking to play a good standard of competitive squash then please contact the Secretary via the Contact Us & Links page.


2021 - 2022 Season


NWCSL - Fixtures 2021-22 Season: The new season commenced on 23 September; click on the link below to view our fixtures.


NWCSL Fixtures


NWCSL LATEST NEWS - 24 November 2021: Playing with two reserves Dave Cadwallader and Richard Ackerley, our First Team achieved a superb home win to topple Barnton 1 and go top of the table.


Will's up for the fight ...


NWCSL LATEST NEWS - 28 October 2021: The Second Team achieved their first win of the season with a superb 5-0 victory at home against Heswall 2. Our Team Captain was overjoyed.


A Happy Team Captain


North Wales Leagues: Following a recent discussion with Squash Wales (23 September), it's looking unlikely that the Leagues in North Wales will commence before the new year; only a few teams have been entered and some venues have still not re-opened for play.

UPDATE: On 30 September, Squash Wales confirmed that the League will not now start until the New Year, at the earliest. We will, however, aim to play a number of friendly matches leading up to that time, and one was arranged with Beaufort Park at the Club on 12 October.


Pre-Season Friendly: Ahead of the new season, a home match versus Chester CO was arranged for Thursday, 16 September.


LATEST NEWS - 2 September 2021: To help us organise our Teams for the new season, a Teams Meeting was held this evening in the Sports Complex.


UPDATE: It was agreed that three Teams should be submitted into the North West Counties Leagues this season [to commence on 23 September] and one Team into the North East Wales League [Start date still to be advised].


LATEST NEWS - 21 July 2021: The Squash Wales Clubs Forum advised Clubs that the new League Manager would be Nick Edwards and that the new season may prove an opportunity to restructure, if required. This will be influenced by Clubs who are asked to look out for a Squash Wales questionnaire that is due soon.

All players in the Welsh Leagues will be expected to be Squash Wales members, at a cost of £10 per person - full details will be circulated during August.


LATEST NEWS - 22 June 2021: At the Squash Wales Clubs Forum held today, Clubs across Wales were advised that it is hoped the Welsh Leagues will commence again in September.

Before then, however, Clubs will be surveyed for opinions on how these should be run in future e.g. teams of 3; best of 3 games; food or no food, etc. This will be an opportunity for Clubs to input with their preferred options.


Teams Sponsorship

In recent years, we had been very fortunate to have great support of our Teams from Malcolm Williams on behalf of Redwither Ltd.

Sadly, we lost this great supporter of Teams squash at the Club on 15 August 2020 - RIP Big Mal.



LATEST NEWS - 26 February 2021: The North West Counties Squash Leagues announced their NEW PARTNERSHIP with @SquashLevels and @SquashSkills to create NWCSL COMMUNITY ... and, when the Leagues return to action, they will be announcing:

- Team of the Week
- Player of the Month

plus more, all to be POWERED by SquashLevels.

A new NWCSL Partnership soon


2019 - 2020 Season


LATEST NEWS - 23 September 2020: The NWCSL Committee at their AGM agreed that they would have to abandon the 2019/20 season.

Final League positions for Teams will be determined by looking at the uncompleted league fixtures and replicating results of the corresponding fixture from the first half of the season. This could be good news for our Teams as they were competing for promotion.


LATEST NEWS - 7 September 2020: The Wales Leagues Panel issued a statement in that given the current complexities, unknowns and challenges the pandemic has created, and as more time passes since the scheduled end of the 2019-20 Season, they consider the less viable and relevant the completion of the Welsh League fixtures becomes.

For this reason and to bring closure to Welsh clubs and members, it has been decided that the 2019-20 Season will be declared null and void and no promotion, relegation or otherwise will be applied.


BREAKING NEWS - 7 July 2020: North Wales Leagues are cancelled.

The following statement has been made by the Committee of the North Wales Leagues - "In view of the current restriction and looking forward, the Committee has decided that the current league is abandoned with results being null and void. There will be no promotions or relegation.
Since there is no clear idea as to when we can start a new season, it is intended to have two divisions only.
We will play one game home and away [not in two halves] running through Christmas into the New Year. This makes a start date flexible; we will try and find some weeks for the Cup."


BREAKING NEWS - 21 April 2020: COVID-19 Update from the NWCSL on a strategy to be adopted in moving the League forward once the lockdown has been lifted and clubs are open to play squash once again.
It is their intention to recommence the 19/20 season once the Government, together with England Squash, have each advised that it is safe and acceptable to do so. They will, however, introduce a cut- off date of the 14th December to have the season completed.
If and when it becomes clear that the season cannot be completed by this date, NWCSL will have to reconsider the position and decide if the 2019/20 season is abandoned.
In addition, if this season is not completed before 14 December, the League might also have to be reduced to one round of matches for 2020-2021 [this because if both home and away matches were played, it would take the next season into July].
They continue to keep the situation under review.


14 March 2020:-
Due to the threat from the Covid-19 virus, Squash Wales announced that, with immediate effect, ALL League programme activity is suspended and subject to a review at the end of April.

On 16 March it was announced that all matches in the North West Counties Leagues are also affected.

A sad end to the season, but everyone keep safe and well.


- May 2020

* All team squash was suspended from 17th March 2020
* 1st Team on Thursday were poised to win the 2nd Division
* 2nd Team were poised to win the 3rd Division with 100% record
* 3rd Team were likely to finish in the top 4 of the 3rd Division.
* North West Counties have set a deadline of 14th December by which time all the outstanding matches must be played.

* 1st Team on Tuesday likely to finish in the top three in 1st Division
* 2nd Team likely to stay in the 2nd Division.
* 3rd Team should gain promotion to the 2nd Division.
* 4th Team will remain in 3rd Division.
* Well done to Josh Davies promoted to 1st Team in NWCSL.
* Also, to Will Silvester promoted to No.1 position in the 3rd Team.
* It's been great this season to see the following juniors flourishing in the Tuesday's North Wales Leagues:
David Thomas, Max Kaye, Cameron Dennis, Jamie Silvester, Kieran Sievers, Tom Willis & Ethan Willis (age 11).
* A huge thank you to all the players for turning out to represent the Club each week.




We're looking for members who would like to represent the Squash Club playing a good standard of competitive squash in either the North East Wales or North West Counties Squash Leagues - if you're interested, please contact Mark Davies.



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