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The Constitution of

Wrexham Brymbo Squash Club


1. Name

The name of the club shall be “Wrexham Brymbo Squash Club"


2. Objects

The objects of the Wrexham Brymbo Squash Club shall be:-

(a)   To promote the game of squash for all.

(b)   To promote the game of squash with the young people (age under 19 years) in Wrexham;

(c)   To organise a Centre of Development programme of events that encourages play and progresses the standard of junior squash in the district;

(d)   To uphold the rules of the game through coaching events and programmes.


3. Officers

(a) The officers of the Wrexham Brymbo Squash Club shall be Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary.

(b) Other members of the Committee may be a representative from the Coaching Team, a representative from the Mens and Ladies Teams (2), a Co-opted parent and a representative from the Junior Members.

(c)  All officers shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and shall be eligible for re-election.


4. Committee

(a)  Three members of the Committee, inclusive of the Chairman and/or Secretary, shall form a quorum.

(b)  The Committee shall have the power to seek to appoint a replacement to fill any casual vacancy on the Committee and to appoint Sub-Committees as appropriate.


5. Powers of Committee

(a)  Liaison with the Directors of Brymbo Sports and Social Complex in matters concerning our Agreement with them;

(b)  The powers of general management of the affairs of Wrexham Brymbo Squash Club, including the internal maintenance of the squash facility and all other arrangements.

(c)  The management of the finances for Wrexham Brymbo Squash Club.

(d)  The right to decide on matters of discipline within the Club, as well as the discretion to refer matters as appropriate to parents of our junior members.


6. Membership

(a) Membership of Wrexham Brymbo Squash Club shall be limited to within the Squash Wales guideline for a Club with two courts;

(b) Membership shall be open to all, subject to approval of the Club’s Committee;

(c) Junior membership shall be open, subject to 6 (a) and 6 (b) above, to young people in Wrexham aged under 19 years;

(d) Junior membership is also available to those aged over 19 years, while they remain in full time education;

(e) As a member of Wrexham Brymbo Squash Club, he/she will accept the Constitution of the Club.


7. Membership Subscriptions

(a) An annual subscription for membership will be agreed, with advice from the Club’s officers, at the AGM;

(b) The subscription will include a £5.00 element that covers membership to the Brymbo Sports and Social Complex;

(c) Subscriptions must be paid by all members of Wrexham Brymbo Squash Club prior to using any of the Club's facilities;

(d) An annual subscription will also be agreed for junior members, based on advice from the Club’s officers.


8. Membership of Wrexham Brymbo Squash Club

Members will be entitled to:

(a)   Use the Squash Club facilities, subject to availability, and using the appropriate booking mechanism. Membership numbers must be quoted when booking a court or buying light cards. [for security, Junior members must be accompanied by an adult];

(b)   Use of the facilities within the Brymbo Sports and Social Complex during their normal opening hours [subject to verification of membership];

(c)   Take part in any squash or social event organised through the Club, including identified coaching programmes, Junior Club Nights, the internal Ladder / League system;

(d)   Eligibility, if selected, to represent Wrexham Brymbo Squash Club in the matches in the North West Counties or North Wales leagues or, for juniors, to be part of any Inter Club match that we will arrange from time to time against other juniors.


9. Communications

(a) The Committee will endeavour to keep all members informed of any social activity or fundraising events organised either through the Club or by any of the other sections within the Brymbo Sports and Social Complex;

(b) Parents of juniors taking part in one of the coaching programme will be kept informed of progress and successes as appropriate. Similarly, parents are encouraged to contact any member of the coaching team or a member of the Squash Committee at any time on matters that relate to the club.


10. Discipline

(a)  Members of the Committee are confident that all members will take pride in their Club and will ensure their own safety and the security of the Club at all times;

(b) When using the Club all members must acknowledge and accept the responsibility that they have through the trust placed in them to maintain the best of behaviour.

(c)  In the event of any formal complaint by one member against another, the matter shall be referred to a Sub Committee who will report back to the Committee.

(d)  If this trust is broken, the Committee reserve the right to discuss the matter with the member or parent and, if necessary, to revoke their membership of Wrexham Brymbo Squash Club.


11.  Annual General Meeting

This should normally take place in May, to coincide with the end of the Sports Complex's financial year. The purpose of the meeting shall include:-

(a)  to elect a Committee for the following twelve months.

(b)  a review of the past years events and progress.

(c)  to receive the club’s accounts;

(e)  to consider any resolutions proposed by members.

(f)  any other business.


12.  Assets of Wrexham Brymbo Squash Club

In the event of Wrexham Brymbo Squash Club ceasing to operate on the basis identified within this Constitution, or under the terms of the Agreement with Brymbo Sports and Social Complex Ltd, the operation of the courts would revert back to the BS&SC Directors. Any equipment and monies held by the Squash Club would be transferred to benefit Squash for young people in the Wrexham area.


July 2007 [Amended May 2012] [Amended May 2023].